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Dive Manitoba- Canada Membership

Why Do I Need A Membership?

When registering for a diving program through a registered/sanctioned club in Canada, all participants are required to cover a membership fee with Dive Manitoba/Canada. This is not private of diving, this is the same for any organized club based sport in the country.

Being a member with the Provincial organization means that the registrant is receiving a quality program that has been approved by the National Organization.

It is a requirement for all participants to purchase their membership through the Provincial organization as this covers among other things, the expense of insurance.

Insurance is provided not only for accidents which is a medical benefit in case of injury, but also in case of any liability (it protects athletes in the event they are named in a lawsuit as well, for example if a diver were to cause injury to another participant).

There’s no allowance for a diver to participate without insurance coverage; this is a requirement from the facility and a mandate for all our clubs.

Dive Manitoba – Canada membership fee is required only once a year regardless of the number of programs the participant registers for during that year (Sept to Aug).

The membership fee allows the Provincial Associations to ensure that the clubs have qualified coaches and officials for events, that their programs are sanctioned and updated, that coaches are trained in areas like safe sport and that everyone is covered while participating in diving activities.

In summary, every participant is required to become a member of Dive Manitoba – Canada if they want to participate with any diving club in the Manitoba.

Dive Manitoba – Canada
Membership Benefits

An annual membership (September to August) with Dive Manitoba – Canada is REQUIRED for all athletes (Learn to Dive and Competitive), coaches, officials, board members and volunteers to obtain insurance coverage and to be members in the provincial organization

Who is Dive Manitoba?
Dive Manitoba is the provincial sport organization that promotes diving in the province of Manitoba.  It is an association of clubs, coaches, officials, divers, parents of divers and volunteers.

What is Dive Manitoba’s mission?
Dive Manitoba supports the development and growth of diving across the province through proactive leadership, effective administration and ongoing support and promotion of our member athletes, coaches, officials, clubs and volunteers.

How does Dive Manitoba/Canada serve the diving community?
Through Sport Manitoba funding we can concentrate our efforts on participation in the sport.  Competitions, clinics for coaches and officials, camps and fun meets for athletes are all ways to participate in the sport of diving in the province. 

An annual membership with Dive Manitoba – Canada provides you with a supportive environment for recreation and physical development. Membership benefits include:

Benefits of Membership

  • Opportunity to participate in dynamic diving programs, competitions and camps
  • Personal on-deck liability insurance
  • Opportunity to practice at the Provincial training center
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Voting privileges at our Annual General Meeting
Where should I register?
If registering as a Dive Manitoba judge | Dive Manitoba Board Member or as an unaffiliated diver, please CLICK HERE.
If registering with Revolution Diving for: Learn to Dive | Competitive | Recreational Coach | Competitive Coach | Revolution Board Member | Revolution Diving volunteer: click here.