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The 2022 Canada Summer Game will be held in the beautiful Niagara, Ontario region from August 6th to August 21st.  Diving will be competing during week 2.  It will be a tremendous and memorable experience for all who compete and attend.

The 3M, platform and team events will be held in Etobicoke for the first half of the week.  Once these events are competed, the diving teams will travel back to the village at Brock University and compete in the 1M and attend closing ceremonies.

Team Manitoba Diving is:

Zita Bernatsky, Emily Muth, Leia Berman and Nathalie Cromwell

Adam Cohen, Alex Tiaglei, Attila Bernatskty and Bennet Sime-Surcon

Team Manitoba will be lead by National Coach Dallas Ludwick and Assistant Coach Juan Campuzano!

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Countdown to the 2022 Canada Summer Games!